3 Questions To Answer If You Want To Change Your Life


Getting real with yourself No one is listening, watching or a witness to this discussion.  You don’t have to keep up appearances because no one is there to see what you’re about to do.  There is no cell phone recording your words and in fact you don’t have to make a sound.  The only thing […]

Just Do It Or Not


How many times have you heard this phrase?  It’s a battle cry for health & fitness and a motivator for anyone standing on the edge of their future. When you’re going through significant life challenges though “Just Do It’ and “Don’t Do It” carry equal weight. Sometimes we need to do nothing.  There might be […]

Life By Soundbites


When you hear these words to describe someone, would you want to work for them?  Live with them?  Be married to them?  Brutally honest, high expectations, fearless, no-nonsense, get to the point attitude, married without children. What are your first thoughts about the character of this person? What would you think about a person described […]