Memories or Misery


I was going through some photos this morning.  There were some pictures of my dad laughing that brought back some wonderful memories. Even though my dad passed several years ago the images of him make me happy. A few other photos were of Jack’s journey with cancer.  I documented his surgeries and his time in the […]

Opinions Aren’t Facts or Reality


How often does someone express their opinion and you change your mind because you respect them?  Do you sit on the fence about making a decision until someone sways you in their direction?  Do you make your decisions based on someone else’s opinion of “reality?” Throughout the last few years I’ve had to deal with more […]

Thanks For Everything


We all understand the fabulous benefits of gratitude.  When you’re grateful for what you have you say to the Universe/God/Your Higher Power, “More please.”   And you receive more because of your gratitude. What if though I asked you to be grateful for the challenges, the hard times and the difficult people?  Would it stand to […]